Thu Sep 8 21:34:29 2022 UTC
change the flags to be consistent with other OpenBSD daemons -d is `debug' (run in the foreground) -f to load the configuration file adjust regress and contrib accordingly
2022-09-08 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): change the flags to be consisent with other OpenBSD daemons
2022-09-07 Omar Polo <>
* ge.c (main): add `ge': small program to quickly export a directory over Gemini.
2022-09-06 Omar Polo <>
* server.c: drop CGI support.
* sandbox.c: optionally disable the sandbox on non-OpenBSD when fastcgi or proxy are used. New sockets can't be opened under FreeBSD' capsicum(4) and a huge pain in the arse under Linux' seccomp/landlock. Patches welcome!
2022-07-07 Omar Polo <>
* log.c (logger_main): fix timestamps in log files. Reported by Karl Jeacle, thanks!
* dirs.c (scandir_fd): drop d_reclen; it's not available on DragonflyBSD (at least.)
2022-07-07 Anna “CyberTailor”
* Makefile: include contrib/ in dist
2022-07-04 Omar Polo <>
* contrib/gmid: remove OpenBSD' rc file: it's now maintained in the ports tree
* configure (VERSION): 1.8.4 tagged
* server.c (check_path): log when it fails to open a file because of permissions
(client_write): encode file names in the directory index, spotted by cage
(client_write): add a trailing / for dirs in the directory index.
* iri.c (parse_path): allow '@' and ':' in paths
2022-04-08 Omar Polo <>
* mime.c (mime): do a binary search to match the MIME time
* gmid.c (listener_main): don't load the default mime listing when
`types' is used. (text/gemini -> gmi/gemini is still hardcoded)
* mime.c (add_mime): fix memory leak in the mime handling
2022-04-07 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.conf.5: move config file documentation into a new man page
* parse.y (option): deprecate `map' rule in favour of the `types' block
2022-03-27 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.8.3 tagged
* server.c (start_cgi): fix a possible out-of-bound access in the
CGI handling.
2022-03-26 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.8.2 tagged
* server.c (handle_imsg_cgi_res): fix a CGI timing issue: if a
connection handled by a CGI scripts is interrupted with the right
timing it causes the server process to exit with "fatal in
client_by_id: invalid id X"
2022-02-26 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y: add the types block
2022-02-13 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c (filter): tightens seccomp policy wrt openat: allow
only with the O_RDONLY flag.
2022-02-13 Tobias Berger <>
* sandbox.c (filter): allow fstatat64, llseek and sigreturn;
needed by glibc on armv7
2022-02-10 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.8.1 tagged
* sandbox.c (open_landlock): fix landlock usage
2022-01-30 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.8 “Lightbulb Sun” tagged
* proxy.c (proxy_setup_tls): allow to specify a custom hostname as SNI for the TLS handshake with the proxied host.
2022-01-02 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (matched_proxy): allow to specify multiple proxy blocks and add matching rules
* parse.y (servbody): relax the strict ordering of options, location and proxy blocks
2022-01-01 Omar Polo <>
* proxy.c (proxy_init): add support for client certificate when proxying
2021-12-29 Omar Polo <>
* proxy.c (proxy_init): add proxying support via `proxy relay-to'
2021-12-11 Max <>
* sandbox.c (filter): [seccomp]: allow ugetrlimit(2), needed by glibc on armv7l
2021-12-09 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (client_read): don't check if the port in the request is the same we're listening on. Suggested by Allen Sobot, thanks!
* configure: add --prefix=... long argument.
2021-11-16 Omar Polo <>
* configure (singletest): fix the cross-compilation: don't run the test binaries just built. Suggested by Nikolay Korotkiy (@sikmir), thanks!
2021-10-24 Omar Polo <>
* log.c (log_request): fix "double slash" in logs: gmid ended up printing two slashes between the hostname and the path when logging the request IRI.
2021-10-15 Stephen Gregoratto <>
* gmid.c (add_keypair): implement OCSP stapling support
2021-10-13 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (do_accept): don't die on ECONNABORTED (``Software caused connection abort'')
2021-10-11 Omar Polo <>
* contrib/renew-certs: add script to automatically renew self-signed certificates
2021-10-09 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (print_conf): multiple -n to dump the parsed configuration
* contrib/gencert: add gencert, a simple script to generate self-signed certs
2021-10-04 Omar Polo <>
* regress/ (raw): reduced the timeout time for single checks from 30 to 10 seconds
* regress/runtime: regression test restructured. still implemented as a set of POSIX-scripts
2021-10-02 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (client_read): reworked the internal structure. Now we leverage libevent' bufferevents more.
(cgi_read): be more strict with CGI scripts: don't pass through illegal CGI responses.
2021-09-26 Omar Polo <>
* fcgi.c (fcgi_req): the FastCGI implementation is fully asynchronous
2021-09-24 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.7.4 tagged
* server.c (check_for_cgi): fix out-of-bound access, found with lots of help from cage, thanks!
2021-09-19 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c (gmid_create_landlock_rs): [linux] use landlock on the server and logger process to reduce the fs access
* configure (VERSION): 1.7.3 tagged
2021-09-17 Omar Polo <>
* log.c (logger_main): fix syslog logging on FreeBSD
2021-08-24 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): don't crash on -n without -c
2021-07-29 Anna “CyberTailor”
* gmid.1: document logging, openssl key generation example, spelling/grammar and crosslinks
2021-07-27 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (check_path): allow symlinks
2021-07-23 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c: seccomp allow fstat64 (used by glibc an aarch64). Reported by pine, thanks!
2021-07-19 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (setup_configless): unbreak configless mode
2021-07-13 Anna “CyberTailor”
* parse.y (yyerror): error and warning messages are prefixed with "error:" and "warning:"
(yywarn): fix off-by-one line number in warnings
2021-07-11 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.7.1 tagged
2021-07-11 Anna “CyberTailor”
* gmid.1 (common): fix misleading example in man page: macros names may not be reserved words
2021-07-10 Omar Polo <>
* configure (VERSION): 1.7 tagged
2021-07-09 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (STRING): add `include' directive
(yylex): add @-macros (real macros)
2021-07-08 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (option): rename `mime MIME EXT' to `map MIME to-ext EXT', but retain the old `mime' for compatibility.
2021-07-06 Omar Polo <>
* regress/gg.c (main): add -T timeout
* configure (guessing_cflags): try to preserve CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
2021-07-02 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c (filter): seccomp filter reworked: now it should work on x86 and possibly other arches too!
2021-06-29 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (conf): don't require the strict order macro > options > servers
c-like strings: when two or more strings are next to each others, concat them
* gmid.c (main): add -D to define macros from the cmd line
* parse.y (yylex): allow to define macros in the config file
* gmid.c (main): use getopt_long, add --help as synonym of -h and -V/--version
2021-06-17 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.1: document `log' option
2021-06-16 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (yylex): drop the dependency on lex by implementing
yylex by ourselves (the actual implementation is based off doas'
parse.y). This gave us various benefits, like cleaner code, \ to
break long lines, better handling of quotes etc...
2021-06-11 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (servopt): add `param' keyword
* fcgi.c (send_fcgi_req): send GATEWAY_INTERFACE, AUTH_TYPE,
(send_fcgi_req): support a custom list of params
2021-05-24 Omar Polo <>
* gg.c: move `gg' to regress, as it's only used for the tests
2021-05-12 Omar Polo <>
* utils.c (gen_certificate): don't add gmid as organisation when generating the certificate, and now it set the version 3, so it's compatible with java/android
2021-05-09 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (apply_fastcgi): added fastcgi support!
2021-05-03 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y: errors on duplicate values instead of silently using only the last value.
2021-04-30 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (fmt_sbuf): ensure %p (path) is always absolute
* gmid.c (load_vhosts): allow ``root'' rule to be specified per-location block
2021-04-29 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (servopt): added ``alias'' option to define hostname aliases for a server
2021-04-28 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): pidfile support with `-P pidfile'
2021-04-27 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (servopt): added ``env'' option to define environment vars for CGI scripts
* log.c (fatal): lower the log priority for fatal errors from CRIT to ERR
2021-04-25 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (open_dir): sort the auto index alphabetically
2021-04-21 Omar Polo <>
* mime.c (load_default_mime): use `text/x-patch' for .patch and .diff files
2021-04-14 Omar Polo <>
* log.c (handle_imsg_log): print the datetime when logging to stderr
2021-04-13 Omar Polo <>
* ex.c (launch_cgi): define TLS_VERSION, TLS_CIPHER and TLS_CIPHER_STRENGTH for CGI scripts
2021-04-12 Omar Polo <>
* 1.6.1 tagged
* iri.c (path_clean): fix possible infinite loop in the IRI parsing code.
2021-03-31 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.h (struct vhost): remove limits on the number of vhosts and location blocks
* gmid.c (mkdirs): fix recursive mkdirs for configless mode
2021-03-29 Omar Polo <>
* Makefile (static): fixed `static' target
2021-03-29 kornellapacz @ github
* Dockerfile: add missing libevent-dev dependency, thanks!
2021-03-27 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.h (struct client): correctly handle CGI scripts that replies with the maximum header length allowed
2021-03-20 Omar Polo <>
* 1.6 tagged
* sandbox.c (sandbox_logger_process): add capsicum to the logger process
2021-03-19 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): use imsg for all IPC; only the main process
listens for SIGHUP: this means that finally the config reload will
work with OpenBSD' rc (and probably other service manager too)
2021-02-22 Omar Polo <>
* log.c (log_request): add `log on/off' to enable/disable logs per-server or per-location
2021-02-09 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (locopt): add `require client ca' rule to require client certs signed by a specified CA
2021-02-07 Omar Polo <>
* ex.c (do_exec): [cgi] split the query in words if needed and add them to the argv
(launch_cgi): define TLS_CLIENT_NOT_BEFORE/NOT_AFTER in CGI scripts
* parse.y (option): added prefork option
2021-02-06 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (locopt): added ``block return'' and ``strip'' options
(servopt): add the ``entrypoint'' option
2021-02-05 Omar Polo <>
* iri.c (parse_query): don't %-decode the query part. This affects the value of QUERY_STRING for CGI scripts too, since that must be %-encoded and we're currently shipping it decoded.
2021-02-04 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): reload configuration on SIGHUP, without disconnecting the clients
2021-02-02 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (handle_dirlist_head): print the header in the directory listing
(open_file): cgi follows globbing rules, just like location and hostname matching
2021-02-01 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (servopt): require absolute paths in config file
2021-01-31 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): cgi scripts now have only std{in,out,err} open
2021-01-30 Omar Polo <>
* 1.5 tagged
* server.c: change precedence of location rules
2021-01-29 Omar Polo <>
* iri.c (parse_authority): accept a wider range of unicode
codepoints while parsing the host name.
2021-01-26 Omar Polo <>
* puny.c (puny_decode): initial punycode support!
2021-01-25 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.1: manpage improvements (example and usage)
* gmid.c (main): Dropping -C, -K, -f, changing the meaning of -d:
now it's the certificate directory. Serve the directory given as
positional argument (or the current one) when running in
config-less mode.
(gen_certificate): automatically generate a certificate
* parse.y (option): added chroot and user options
2021-01-24 Omar Polo <>
* server.c (open_dir): add directory listing (disabled by default)
* parse.y (vhost): added support for location blocks
* server.c (send_dir): make the directory index customizable
2021-01-23 Omar Polo <>
* gg.c (main): added gg, a barebone gemini client. used by the
regress suite
2021-01-21 Omar Polo <>
* configure: added a configure script
* server.c (handle_handshake): glob for vhost domain
* gmid.c (log_request): logs the full IRI and the response code (even for CGI)
2021-01-19 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (servopt): add "lang" server option
(servopt): moving "default type" from global options to server options
* Dockerfile: add a dockerfile
2021-01-18 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (option): add mime and "default type" options for media types.
2021-01-17 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c (sandbox): added initial seccomp(2) support
2021-01-15 Omar Polo <>
* cgi.c (start_cgi): set SERVER_NAME to the vhost when executing CGI scripts
* parse.y (option): add ability to specify the tls versions with "protocols"
* gmid.c (handle_open_conn): ensure the port number of the request matches
* sandbox.c (sandbox): sandbox on OpenBSD (pledge/unveil, as before) and on FreeBSD (capsicum) too
* sample.conf: added sample configuration
* gmid.c (main): changed behaviour: daemon off by default
(main): changed -c in -C (cert option)
(main): changed -k in -K (key option, for consistency with -C)
(main): added -c to load a configuration
(main): certs, key and doc (-C -K and -d) doesn't have a default value anymore
(handle_handshake): add vhosts support
2021-01-13 Omar Polo <>
* iri.c (parse_scheme): normalize scheme while parsing, so we're
RFC3986 compliant.
2021-01-11 Omar Polo <>
* 1.4 and 1.4.1 tagged
* gmid.c (main): ipv6 disabled by default and -6 flag to enable it
(handle): reject non-gemini protocols with 53
2021-01-10 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (logs): log also the port of the client
(loop): accept both ipv4 and ipv6
2020-12-26 Omar Polo <>
* uri.c (parse_uri): IRI support
2020-12-21 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): -d supports relative paths
2020-12-02 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c: logging reworked and daemonize. The -l option was
removed: now it logs on syslog if -f (foreground) is not passed.
2020-11-18 Omar Polo <>
* 1.3.2 tagged
* gmid.c (url_after_proto): fix bug introduced in last version
regarding full URLs with explicit gemini protocol.
* 1.3.1 tagged
* gmid.c (url_after_proto): correct url parsing: accept URLs
without explicit protocol
(url_start_of_request): correct handling of relative URLs
2020-11-17 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (main): add flag -p to change the port
2020-11-10 Omar Polo <>
* ChangeLog: 1.3 tagged, fixed ChangeLog format
* gmid.c (open_file): added support for path parameters for CGI
2020-11-06 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.1: great improvements to the documentation
* gmid.c (url_after_proto): ensure that the requested protocol is
“gemini” and not something else that’s long 6 bytes.
* gmid.c (loop): added support for cgi scripts (can handle multiple
2020-11-06 Omar Polo <op@venera>
* gmid.1: added option to log to a file
2020-11-05 Omar Polo <>
* gmid.c (filetypes): add MIME type for xml files
2020-11-03 Omar Polo <>
* 1.2 tagged
* gmid.c (main): ignore SIGPIPE
2020-10-14 Omar Polo <>
* 1.1 tagged
* switching to mmap() based file handling
2020-10-07 Omar Polo <>
* 1.0 tagged
Omar Polo