1 # slowcgi-portable
3 This is an **unofficial** portable version of [slowcgi(8)][slowcgi], a
4 FastCGI to CGI wrapper server. It's intended to ship with as little
5 changes as possible to allow it to compile and work on a variety of
6 systems and otherwise follow closely the development in the OpenBSD
7 src tree. All portable-specific commits have the "portable:" prefix
8 in the log message.
10 [slowcgi]:
12 The versioning scheme follows the OpenBSD one, that's why the first
13 version is 7.2.
15 ## Building
17 The dependencies are:
19 - libevent
21 and optionally pkg-config.
23 To build, issue:
25 $ ./configure
26 $ make
27 # make install # eventually
29 The build can be customized by passing arguments to the configure
30 script or by using a `configure.local` file; see `./configure -h` and
31 [`configure.local.example`](configure.local.example) for more
32 information.
34 For Linux users with libbsd installed, the configure script can be
35 instructed to use libbsd as follows:
37 CFLAGS="$(pkg-config --cflags libbsd-overlay)" \
38 ./configure LDFLAGS="$(pkg-config --libs libbsd-overlay)"