Mon Aug 29 16:39:22 2022 UTC
more stuff to do
- fix `make gzip'
should gzip all the files in /var/www/marc, and re-gzip if the
original changed. My understanding is that if foo.gz exists then
it'll be skipped, which is not desired. In particular the index pages
should be re-gzipped every time as they change.
- automatic linking
would be nice to transform the URLs in the mail' body into clickable
links. Additionally, it would be nice to support the [n] reference
syntax. Maybe turning also commit ids into links?
- improve thread navigation
find a way to show links to previous/next messages in thread. (yes,
*messages* since threads are trees there may be multiple next
- show the original file name in the list of attachments.
see for e.g. /mail/
- clarify date ranges
Threads are sorted by their newest mail, so if an old thread gets a
new reply it'll jump in the first page. The date ranges thus can
jump quite a bit when navigating backward/forward. Is this OK? Can
we communicate it better?
Omar Polo