Fri Aug 26 22:03:55 2022 UTC
refactor the parsing into the module change the mscan format string to siplify the parsing, and refactor the parsing code into the module for reuse. pe is an exception in that it doesn't care about the format string, it just need to decide if the current line starts a new thread or not, that's why it doesn't use the newly introduced `parse'. The new format simplifies pe too though.
# set up the env
export MAKE_JOBS="${MAKE_JOBS:-1}"
export MBLAZE=.mblaze
export MBLAZE_PAGER=cat
export OUTDIR="${OUTDIR:-/var/www/marc}"
: ${MDIR:?not defined}
fmt='%i-%R %I%16D<%64f>%128S'
mlist "${MDIR}" | mthread -r | mscan -f "$fmt" | ./pe | ./mkindex
Omar Polo