1 This directory is for additional contributed files which may be
2 useful.
4 Dockerfile
6 Sample Dockerfile to build alpine-based gmid images.
8 gencert
10 Simple shell script to generate self-signed certificates.
12 gmid.service
14 Simple systemd service file.
16 gmid.sysusers
18 Sample systemd-sysusers' config file.
20 mime.types
22 A copy of OpenBSD' /usr/share/misc/mime.types to be included
23 within a `types' block.
25 renew-certs
27 Flexible script meant to be run in a cronjob to watch for cert
28 expiration. It can optionally regen the (self-signed)
29 certificate in place and restart the server too.
31 vim
33 Syntax highlighting of gmid configuration for vim, to be
34 placed into ~/.vim/ or /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/.
36 To enable Syntastic checker, put this line in your vimrc:
38 let g:syntastic_gmid_checkers = ['gmid']