Thu May 5 11:20:46 2022 UTC
rate-limit the update of the download pane
2022-05-05 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (ui_on_download_refresh): rate-limit the update of the
download pane
2022-04-24 Omar Polo <>
* session.c (save_session): generate session and histfile atomically
* telescope.c (main): merge fs and ui processes
2022-04-15 Omar Polo <>
* minibuffer.c: lots of small tweaks to the completion handling.
Now the selected item is consistently the one used upon RET.
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind mini-kill-whole-line to C-u
in the minibuffer
* cmd.c (cmd_mini_kill_whole_line): add mini-kill-whole-line
2022-04-13 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind C-x C-w to write-buffer
* include/cmd.h: add an alias for write-buffer: w
* cmd.c (cmd_write_buffer): add write-buffer: saves the current
buffer to the disk.
* downloads.c (enqueue_download): change downloads order: the new
one is always at the top.
2022-02-26 Omar Polo <>
* minibuffer.c (recompute_completions): split the minibuffer input
into words and try to match every one of the independently from
the others.
* cmd.c (cmd_load_url): remember visited URLs and provide
completions during load-url.
2022-02-11 Omar Polo <>
* session.c (new_tab): initialize each tab loadingev timer event,
fixes an error print by libevent 2 upon closing a tab.
* telescope.c (main): allow telescope to be ``comanded'' to open an URL
2022-02-09 Omar Polo <>
* emoji.txt: update to emoji-data-14.0.0.txt
2022-02-07 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-r to reply-last-input
* cmd.c (cmd_reply_last_input): add reply-last-input, idea from thfr, thanks!
2022-01-18 Omar Polo <>
* session.c (sendtab): persist scroll position on the session file
* ui.c (ui_on_tab_loaded): restore scroll position when loading a tab if possible
2022-01-17 Omar Polo <>
* parser_gemtext.c (parse_link): don't crash on invalid link lines
2022-01-15 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.h: Show aliases before the completions
add "open" as alias for load-url, suggested by Florian, thanks :)
* tag 0.7.1, bugfix release
* telescope.c (do_load_url): fix use after free when loading an about:* page from about:about. Reported by Brian Callahan, thanks!
2022-01-13 Omar Polo <>
* tag 0.7, "Via Paolo Fabbri 43"
2022-01-11 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_cache_info): add command `cache-info' to show cache stats.
* mcache.c (mcache_tab): add a caching mechanism for gemini and gopher pages.
2022-01-10 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (fringe): add vi-like fringes customizable using `style line.fringe { ... }'
(config_setvari): allow to ignore olivetti-mode' offset for fringe: fringe-ignore-offset
2022-01-05 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind `u' to tab-undo-close.
(config_setvari): add "max-killed-tabs" to control the maximum number of killed tabs to keep.
* cmd.c (cmd_tab_undo_close): allow to re-open closed tabs.
* session.c (kill_tab): save killed tabs into a queue.
2022-01-02 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (handle_imsg_session): implement persistent tab history
* session.c (switch_to_tab): fix an issue where the current url was pushed *twice* in the tab history at startup.
* defaults.c (fill_column): bump default fill-column to 120.
* defaults.c (config_setvari): rename `set-title' to `update-title'. The old name will still be supported for a while to ease backwards compatibility.
* cmd.c (cmd_kill_telescope): ask yorn (yes or no) before quitting telescope.
* minibuffer.c (eecmd_select): execute the selected command, not what it's being typed into the minibuffer.
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind `del' to previous-page. Suggested by Florian.
* telescope.c (longopts): add --colours as an alias for --color. Suggested by Florian, thanks!
* telescope.c (longopts): fixed crash on --colors. Reported by Florian, thanks!
2021-11-29 Omar Polo <>
* tagged 0.6.1 bugfix release
* sandbox.c (open_landlock): handle gracefully when landlock is disabled at runtime. Reported and tested by Nikolay Korotkiy, thanks!
* tag 0.6 "Piccola storia ignobile"
2021-11-27 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.1: mention that we're expecting an UTF-8 environment.
2021-11-26 Omar Polo <>
* add HOSTCC and HOSTFLAGS to aid cross-compiling since pagebundler needs to be built with the host compiler. Reported and tested by Nikolay Korotkiy, thanks!
2021-11-24 Nikolay Korotkiy <>
* telescope.c (load_gemini_url): fix macOs crash on `__strlcpy_chk' due to wrong lengths
2021-11-10 Omar Polo <>
* net.c (net_error): handle empty replies (i.e. no header)
2021-11-05 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind toggle-downloads to <f2>
(mappings): added download.{ongoing,done,info} and download style targets
* cmd.c (cmd_toggle_downloads): add toggle-downloads
2021-10-26 Omar Polo <>
* parser_gemtext.c (detect_line_type): correct item line detection: a space is required after the `*' character.
2021-10-08 Omar Polo <>
* sandbox.c (landlock_unveil): use landlock on linux if available to restrict what parts of the filesystem telescope can see
(sandbox_fs_process): don't fail if ~/Downloads doesn't exist
2021-10-07 Andrea Feletto <>
* contrib/ add a script to aid the migration of ~/.telescope to XDG
* fs.c (xdg_init): use XDG-style directories if ~/.telescope does not exists
2021-09-20 Omar Polo <>
* parser_textpatch.c (tpatch_emit_line): fix patch/diff syntax highlighting when more than one file are involved
2021-09-15 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c: add a ``safe mode''.
2021-09-13 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (handle_imsg_eof): reset download byte counter
* sandbox.c (sandbox_fs_process): [openbsd] allow creating files in ~/Downloads
2021-09-12 Omar Polo <>
* net.c (net_read): bugfix: telescope would render a blank page for (some rare) cases where it reads a very long replies from the server.
2021-08-29 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (config_setvars): make download-path customizable
* telescope.c (handle_maybe_save_page): prefill the save prompt with the filename to ease saving files
2021-08-28 Omar Polo <>
* tag 0.5.1
* telescope.c (gopher_skip_selector): don't trim the initial `/' during gohper requests
2021-08-26 Omar Polo <>
* tag 0.5
2021-08-26 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (attrname): correctly parse multiple attributes
2021-08-18 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-[ and M-] to tab-move-to and tab-move
add tab-bar-show to control the visibility of the tab bar
2021-08-16 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (humanify_url): add heuristics for human-provided URLs
* cmd.c (cmd_load_url): don't add ``gemini://'' on load_url
2021-08-15 Omar Polo <>
* fs.c (last_time_crashed): improve crash detection
2021-08-14 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c: add `autosave' config option.
* telescope.c (autosave_timer): add an autosave timer to persist the session once in a while while telescope is running.
2021-08-13 Omar Polo <>
* fs.c (handle_get_file): generate directory listings
* telescope.c (protos): added support for file:// URIs
2021-08-12 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_push_button_new_tab): open new tab right after the current one
* telescope.c (load_url): improved reload command: it doesn't push the current url to the history anymore.
2021-08-03 Omar Polo <>
* pages/ add link to veronica-2. reorder links
* telescope.c (gopher_send_search_req): initial support for gopher item type 7
2021-07-30 Omar Polo <>
* parser.c (parser_free): tilde-heuristics for titles: use ~username as tab title if the page doesn't have any headings
* mime.c (ptable): colorize text/x-patch
2021-07-25 Omar Polo <>
* parser.c (parser_free): for page without a title, use the domain name
* parser_gophermap.c (gophermap_initparser): initial gophermaps support
* telescope.c (load_finger_url): add support for the finger protocol
(load_gopher_url): initial gopher support
2021-07-24 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_scroll_line_up): don't crash on empty pages
(cmd_mini_scroll_up): add mini-scroll-up, bound to M-v in the minibuffer
(cmd_mini_scroll_down): add mini-scroll-down, bound to C-v in the minibuffer
* tagged 0.4.1 "buildfix" release
* (EXTRA_telescope_SOURCES): fix dist tarball
* tagged 0.4 --- "La faccia della luna"
* minibuffer.c (sensible_self_insert): use sensible-self-insert everywhere
2021-07-23 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (redraw_tabline): changed default tab separator character. Suggested by Gnuserland, thanks!
2021-07-21 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (print_vline_descr): pretty print help lines
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind other-window to C-x o
* cmd.c (cmd_other_window): add other-window
* ui.c (ui_other_window): allow to focus the side window
* fs.c (handle_get): allow about: pages to be overridden by ~/.telescope/pages/about_*.gmi
* cmd.c (cmd_tab_close): prefer the next tab instead of the previous as target in tab-close.
2021-07-20 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_push_button_new_tab): bugfix: push-button-new-tab on relative URLs now works
* fs.c (handle_get): add about:crash
2021-07-19 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (line_prefixes): prettify the default settings
2021-07-18 Omar Polo <>
* wrap.c (push_line): visually drop trailing spaces when formatting a page
* minibuffer.c (populate_compl_buffer): add an optional description to completion items.
(recompute_completions): filter completion results using the description too (if available)
2021-07-17 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (load_url): lazy loading for telescope: don't load all the tabs when starting up, only the current one. Defer the loading of the others when switching to them.
(load_last_session): cache the page title
* defaults.c (line_faces): don't underline links by default
add set-title option
* telescope.c (load_last_session): keep track of the current tab and re-focus it during next startup
2021-07-16 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (redraw_tabline): separate the tabs with a vertical bar
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-< in minibuffer for mini-goto-beginning
(load_default_keys): bind M-> in minibuffer for mini-goto-end
* cmd.c (cmd_mini_goto_beginning): add mini-goto-beginning
(cmd_mini_goto_end): add mini-goto-end
* telescope.c (do_load_url): handle unknown protocols gracefully
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind [ to tab-previous
(load_default_keys): bind ] to tab-next
* ui.c (ui_init): fix crash on some libevent2
* defaults.c (config_setvari): add emojify-link, enabled by default
2021-07-15 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_toggle_pre_wrap): add toggle-pre-wrap
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind C-z to suspend-telescope
(load_default_keys): bind <home>/<end> to move-beginning/end-of-line
(config_setvari): add dont-wrap-pre
* cmd.c (cmd_suspend_telescope): add suspend-telescope
* ui.c (do_redraw_minibuffer): show the number of completions available
* parse.y (parseconfig): load alternate config file per-TERM
* telescope.c (main): added long options --help, --version and -C/--colors
* defaults.h: add hide-pre-closing-line
* ui.c (rearrange_windows): don't flash the screen when entering the minibuffer
* fs.c (lock_session): use a lockfile to prevent multiple instance of telescope to run at the same time
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind t to toc
(load_default_keys): change key for link-select: M-l
* cmd.c (cmd_toc): add toc
2021-07-14 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-L to link-select
(load_default_keys): bind M-/ to swiper
* cmd.c (cmd_link_select): add link-select
(cmd_swiper): add swiper
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-t to tab-select
* cmd.c (cmd_tab_select): add tab-select
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind f5 to reload-page
(load_default_keys): bind r to reload-page
* cmd.c (cmd_reload_page): add reload-page
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): <up> and <down> are now bound to previous/next-completion instead of previous/next-history-item
(load_default_keys): bind < to load-current-url
* cmd.c (cmd_previous_completion): add previous-completion
(cmd_next_completion): add next-completion
(cmd_insert_current_candidate): add insert-current-candidate
* minibuffer.c (enter_minibuffer): support completions in minibuffer
2021-07-13 Omar Polo <>
* pages.c: advertise B and F instead of C-M-b/C-M-f.
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind B/F to previous/next-page. I'm bad at choosing keybindings...
2021-07-12 Omar Polo <>
* util.c (dispatch_imsg): refactor: all imsgs are completely asynchronous
* minibuffer.c (minibuffer_taint_hist): bugfix: allow editing minibuffer history
2021-07-10 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (do_load_url): fix certificate mismatch when going back from a proxied page to a Gemini page.
2021-07-09 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y: make some newline optional
2021-07-08 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind C-t to tab-new by default
(load_default_keys): bind C-w to tab-close by default
* telescope.c (start_child): re-exec the children processes
* ui.c (print_vline): bug: print the trailing face until the right column, not one less. (this would leave the last column white if !olivetti-mode and a background color for some body lines)
2021-07-07 Omar Polo <>
* gemtext.c (detect_line_type): fix styling of empty lines inside a pre block
2021-07-06 Omar Polo <>
* parser.c (parser_foreach_line): deal with BOM
* telescope.c (handle_check_cert_user_choice): fix two bug: don't crash when there's a certificate mismatch and after saving the cert, before choosing to persist it, the page gets redirected. Now when the user accept a certificate, is treated as temporary saved for the whole session.
* defaults.c (load_default_keys): bind M-prior/next (M-pageup/pagedown) to tab-previous and tab-next
2021-07-05 Omar Polo <>
* defaults.c (config_setvari): add hide-pre-context: if nonzero hide the start and end line of a pre block (i.e. ```). Defaults to zero.
(config_setvari): add hide-pre-blocks: if nonzero hide by default the body of a pre block; push-button can be used to toggle visibility per-block. Defaults to zero.
* cmd.c (cmd_push_button): push-button: toggle prefermatted blocks if invoked with the point on the header
2021-06-26 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_inc_fill_column): add inc-fill-column and dec-fill-column
* tagged 0.3 --- "Spaceman"
2021-06-25 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_next_heading): added next-heading (C-c n)
(cmd_previous_heading): added previous-heading (C-c p)
2021-06-24 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (load_default_keys): bind > to load-url
* defaults.c: enable olivetti-mode by default and set fill-mode to 80
2021-06-23 Omar Polo <>
* gemtext.c (search_title): fixed a bug where the *last* level 2 or 3 heading would be used as tab title instead of the first one.
* parse.y (add_proxy): add proxy support (e.g. `proxy http via gemini://localhost:1965' for the duckling proxy)
* cmd.c (cmd_previous_button): stay on the line in next-button if there is no next link, and the same for previous-button
* telescope.c (handle_imsg_buf): "humanize" byte progress (i.e. trasform XYZ bytes to something readable)
2021-06-22 Omar Polo <>
* parse.y (colorname): support 256 colors
* defaults.c (config_setcolor): allow changing the colors/attributes of the tabline
* parse.y (attrname): allow changing the attributes
2021-06-21 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.h (enum pairs): allow changing the background color of the body window
* defaults.c (config_setvari): add enable-colors (variable)
2021-06-20 Omar Polo <>
* cmd.c (cmd_end_of_buffer): fix end-of-buffer glitch
2021-06-19 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (cmd_olivetti_mode): added olivetti-mode (the function)
* defaults.c (config_setvari): added olivetti-mode!
* fs.c (load_last_session): load about:help during the first startup
* pages.c: added about:about, about:blank and about:help pages
* defaults.c (config_setvari): add fill-column config to manage the max-width when filling the page.
(config_setvars): add new-tab-url config to specify the default url for new tabs.
2021-06-18 Omar Polo <>
* gemini.c (try_to_connect): use the async try_to_connect even when !HAVE_ASR_RUN
2021-06-13 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (main): ignore SIGPIPE: prevent telescope from dying
when connecting to non-tls/non-gemini servers (found by trying to
load a bogus ``gemini://'' -- the correct url for
the capsule is ``gemini://'')
2021-06-12 Omar Polo <>
* tagged 0.2
* utf8.c (utf8_chwidth): fix tab width
2021-06-11 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (switch_to_tab): drop the urgent flag when switching to a tab after closing one
2021-05-17 Omar Polo <>
* telescope.c (handle_imsg_got_meta): ask the user to save a page when it can't be rendered
2021-05-13 Omar Polo <>
* gemtext.c (gemtext_free): heuristic to obtain the page title: if no h1 found, try with h2s and h3s
2021-05-12 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (handle_resize): debounce resize event
(cmd_forward_char): unbreak forward-char
added aliases for tab-{next,new,previous}
(redraw_tabline): display a `!' when a non-focused tab gets loaded
2021-04-30 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (cmd_load_url): automatic gemini:// on load-url
(cmd_forward_char): fix out-of-bound
2021-04-25 Omar Polo <>
* ui.c (cmd_scroll_up): fix cmd_scroll_down/up: they scrolled two line more than what intended
* telescope.c (handle_check_cert_user_choice): allow saving the new certificate after mismatch
* fs.c (load_certs): don't crash on invalid lines in known_hosts
* hash.c (telescope_lookup_tofu): save certificates per (host, port) tuple, not only per-host
* tagged 0.1.1
* gemini.c (blocking_conn_towards): fix compilation if !HAVE_ASR_RUN
* phos/phos_uri.c (phos_serialize_uri): handle URIs which port is not 1965
Omar Polo