1 SMARC -- static web mail archive generator
2 ==========================================
4 A collection of scripts to generate a static mail archive from a
5 Maildir; originally intended to provide a public web interface for the
6 Game of Trees mailing list, now flexible enough to be used for other
7 lists.
9 The static site generator depends on perl and mblaze, the web search
10 component on libevent and sqlite3.
13 How it works
14 ------------
16 smarc(1) incrementally generate a set of static files from a maildir,
17 smingest(1) and msearchd(8) are used to populate an sqlite3 database to
18 provide a web-based full text search on all the mails.
20 smarc(7) documents the steps needed for a first setup, how to operate it
21 and tips for maintaining multiple archives.
24 Building
25 --------
27 To compile it, run
29 $ ./configure
30 $ make
31 # make install
33 Several parameters can be passed to the `configure' script to customize
34 the build:
36 --mandir or MANDIR Where to install man pages
37 --perllib or PERLLIB Where to install the perl module
38 --prefix or PREFIX Where to install, /usr/local
39 --realsysconfdir or REALSYSCONFDIR "Real" sysconfdir
40 --sharedir or SHAREDIR $PREFIX/share by default
41 --sysconfdir or SYSCONFDIR /etc
42 --wwwuser or WWWUSER Name of the user used by msearchd
44 and also:
46 CC The C compiler
47 CFLAGS Flags for the C compiler
48 LDFLAGS Flags for the linker
49 PKG_CONFIG pkg-config program, use `no' or empty to disable usage
51 The variables can also be set in the environment for the configure
52 script to pick them up.
54 The difference between REALSYSCONFDIR and SYSCONFDIR is to accomodate
55 the packaging on some systems. For example, on OpenBSD SYSCONFDIR is
56 pointed at /usr/local/share/examples and the port then copies the files
57 in /etc, to allow the user to freely change some files and keep edits
58 across package updates.
60 smarc always installs in SYSCONFDIR but at runtime looks into
64 License
65 -------
67 smarc, smingest and msearchd are released in the public domain. The
68 configure script loosely based on oconfigure and is released under the
69 terms of ISC license. Some OpenBSD-compats are included to build on
70 multiple platforms, these are released under a BSD-style license.
71 See the first lines of each file for the copyright owners.