1 struct buffer;
3 #define CMD(fnname, descr) void fnname(struct buffer *)
4 #define DEFALIAS(s, d) /* nothing */
6 CMD(cmd_backward_char, "Move point one character backward.");
7 CMD(cmd_backward_paragraph, "Move point on paragraph backward.");
8 CMD(cmd_beginning_of_buffer, "Move point to the beginning of the buffer.");
9 CMD(cmd_bookmark_page, "Save a page in the bookmark file.");
10 CMD(cmd_cache_info, "Show cache stats.");
11 CMD(cmd_clear_minibuf, "Clear the echo area.");
12 CMD(cmd_dec_fill_column, "Decrement fill-column by two.");
13 CMD(cmd_end_of_buffer, "Move the point to the end of the buffer.");
14 CMD(cmd_execute_extended_command, "Execute an internal command.");
15 CMD(cmd_forward_char, "Move point one character forward.");
16 CMD(cmd_forward_paragraph, "Move point one paragraph forward.");
17 CMD(cmd_inc_fill_column, "Increment fill-column by two");
18 CMD(cmd_insert_current_candidate, "Copy the current selection text as minibuffer input.");
19 CMD(cmd_kill_telescope, "Quit Telescope.");
20 CMD(cmd_link_select, "Select and visit a link using the minibuffer.");
21 CMD(cmd_list_bookmarks, "Load the bookmarks page.");
22 CMD(cmd_load_current_url, "Edit the current URL.");
23 CMD(cmd_load_url, "Prompt for an URL.");
24 CMD(cmd_mini_abort, "Abort the current minibuffer action.");
25 CMD(cmd_mini_complete_and_exit, "Complete the current minibuffer action.");
26 CMD(cmd_mini_delete_backward_char, "Delete the character before the point.");
27 CMD(cmd_mini_delete_char, "Delete the character after the point.");
28 CMD(cmd_mini_goto_beginning, "Select the first completion.");
29 CMD(cmd_mini_goto_end, "Select the last completion.");
30 CMD(cmd_mini_kill_line, "Delete from point until the end of the line.");
31 CMD(cmd_mini_next_history_element, "Load the next history element.");
32 CMD(cmd_mini_previous_history_element, "Load the previous history element.");
33 CMD(cmd_mini_scroll_down, "Scroll completions up by one visual page");
34 CMD(cmd_mini_scroll_up, "Scroll completions up by one visual page");
35 CMD(cmd_move_beginning_of_line, "Move point at the beginning of the current visual line.");
36 CMD(cmd_move_end_of_line, "Move point at the end of the current visual line.");
37 CMD(cmd_next_button, "Move point to the next link.");
38 CMD(cmd_next_completion, "Select the next completion.");
39 CMD(cmd_next_heading, "Move point to the next heading.");
40 CMD(cmd_next_line, "Move point to the next visual line.");
41 CMD(cmd_next_page, "Go forward in the page history.");
42 CMD(cmd_olivetti_mode, "Toggle olivetti-mode.");
43 CMD(cmd_other_window, "Select the other window.");
44 CMD(cmd_previous_button, "Move point to the previous link.");
45 CMD(cmd_previous_completion, "Select the previous completion.");
46 CMD(cmd_previous_heading, "Move point to the previous heading.");
47 CMD(cmd_previous_line, "Move point to the previous visual line.");
48 CMD(cmd_previous_page, "Go backward in the page history.");
49 CMD(cmd_push_button, "Follow link at point or toggle pre-visibility.");
50 CMD(cmd_push_button_new_tab, "Follow link at point in a new tab.n");
51 CMD(cmd_redraw, "Redraw the screen.");
52 CMD(cmd_reload_page, "Reload the current page.");
53 CMD(cmd_scroll_down, "Scroll down by one visual page");
54 CMD(cmd_scroll_line_down, "Scroll down by one line");
55 CMD(cmd_scroll_line_up, "Scroll up by one line.");
56 CMD(cmd_scroll_up, "Scroll up by one visual page");
57 CMD(cmd_suspend_telescope, "Suspend the current Telescope session.");
58 CMD(cmd_swiper, "Jump to a line using the minibuffer.");
59 CMD(cmd_tab_close, "Close the current tab.");
60 CMD(cmd_tab_close_other, "Close all tabs but the current one.");
61 CMD(cmd_tab_undo_close, "Reopen last closed tab.");
62 CMD(cmd_tab_move, "Move the current tab to the right.");
63 CMD(cmd_tab_move_to, "Move the current tab to the left.");
64 CMD(cmd_tab_new, "Open a new tab.");
65 CMD(cmd_tab_next, "Focus next tab.");
66 CMD(cmd_tab_previous, "Focus previous tab.");
67 CMD(cmd_tab_select, "Switch to a tab using the minibuffer.");
68 CMD(cmd_toc, "Jump to a heading using the minibuffer.");
69 CMD(cmd_toggle_downloads, "Toggle the downloads side window.");
70 CMD(cmd_toggle_help, "Toggle side window with help.");
71 CMD(cmd_toggle_pre_wrap, "Toggle the wrapping of preformatted blocks.");
73 DEFALIAS(q, cmd_kill_telescope)
74 DEFALIAS(tabn, cmd_tab_next)
75 DEFALIAS(tabnew, cmd_tab_new)
76 DEFALIAS(tabp, cmd_tab_previous)
77 DEFALIAS(wq, cmd_kill_telescope)