move log syslog after log style

add log syslog off; don't turn syslog off when log access is specified

allow to change the logging style; introduce some new ones add `log style <style>'; The old default is called `legacy' now, a new default format is added called `condensed', and `common' and `combined' to mimick Apache httpd and nginx (respectively) are also added.

bump man date

open the log files inside the chroot

add ability to log to files with log access <path>

add `fastcgi off' to forceful skip fastcgi for a route

revamp fastcgi configuration: make it per-location this revamps the syntax in the configuration to better match httpd(8) (and in general be less weird) and to allow per-location fastcgi configurations. the bare `param' is now deprecated, but for compatibility it acts like `fastcgi param' would do now. Same story for `fastcgi <pathÂ>'.

make `listen on' defaults on port 1965

default chroot to user' home if unset

update gmid.conf.5: drop old rules and add news - minor improvements to the wording - drop the removed global options ipv6 and port - remove config-less mention - document `listen on' - update examples While `ipv6' and `port' are still supported for backward compatibility, it's better to not document them anymore.

add an implicit fastcgi parameter: GEMINI_SEARCH_STRING it’s the QUERY_STRING decoded if it’s a search-string (i.e. not a key-value pair.) It’s useful for scripts to avoid percent-decoding the querystring in the most common case of a query, because in Gemini querystrings key-value paired are not common. Idea from a discussion with Allen Sobot.

correction: QUERY_STRING is *not* urldecoded. RFC3875 § 4.1.7 states that "the QUERY_STRING variable contains a URL-encoded search or parameter string".

sync config syntax with reality

move gmid to the eight section of the manual