amused-web: make the filtering work Generate the HTML for the filter input in js (it's useless to have it there otherwise) and actually filter the entries. It's a basic case insensitive match, but it's a start. To do so, add dispatch event type X: to mark the end of the playlist so js can replay the filtering.

move timespecsub compat out of ev.c

update the README to mention building of amused-web

add make target web and install-web to build/install amused-web

tweak the configure - more consistent naming for libs (LDADD_LIB_*) - allow to change CC and CFLAGS as arguments - allow to specify the LDADD_LIB_* as arguments


add -Wno-pointer-sign to the mix

add configure check for libmd; needed on some OSes for amused-web On the BSDs the SHA1Init() and friends are part of libc, while on linux (and maybe other systems as well) we need an implementation of these function: libmd for example.

fix the test for getdtablecount The configure ran it but wasn't present in the tests.c file. Will need to switch away from this all-in-one someday...

amused-web: client_ev: handle client error case too

amused-web.1: drop BUGS (solved), add CAVEATS

amused-web: drop -t

amused-web: playlist_swap misuse

amused-web: first round of portability tweaks We still need an implementation of SHA1Init() & co, which on linux is not in libc (but is available with the same APIs in libmd.)

amused-web: add websocket support; send forms via js if available This allows amused-web to stay in sync using websockets (much like existing amused clients watch `amused monitor') and sends the forms in the background to avoid refreshing the page. Still missing is reopening the websocket, maybe blocking the UI in that case and showing the progress.