make default download-path customizable

fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

add tab-bar-show option to control the tab bar rendering If tab-bar-show is -1 hide the tab bar permanently, if it's 0 show it unconditionally. If it's 1, show the bar only when there is more than one tab.

bind M-[ and M-] to tab-move-to and tab-move

add autosave timer for the session This is achieved by calling `autosave_hook' in interesting places, like new_tab or free_tab. It'll set up a timer to later persist the session. This is particularly useful to avoid loosing tabs on the event of a crash or unexpected system halt, or other similar event.


colorize text/x-patch

mini-scroll-up/down bound to M-v/C-v in the minibuffer

pretty print help lines

add other-window (C-x o) and allow focusing help buffer

always include compat.h first

prettify the defaults settings Switch from the brutalist approach to a prettier ones. If someone likes the old brutalist theme, it's still available as contrib/brutalist.config: $ cp contrib/brutalist.config ~/.telescope/config or $ telescope -c contrib/brutalist

add set-title option

don't underline links by default as Gnuserland pointed out, it's and old thing taken from the web, used to distinguish between normal text and links. In Gemini we only have link-lines, so the underline is redundant. It's still possible to restore the styling by adding something like the following in ~/.telescope/config style attr underline

add mini-goto-beginning/end bound to M-</M-> in minibuffer