add a dockerfile

__NR_poll doesn't seem to be defined on aarch64

remove target leftover from when was generated by gmid.1



trying to get the man on par with the recent changes

move mimes into the struct config

add "mime" and "default type" option for the configuration

improve mime handling we still have an hardcoded list, but this implements the API needed to modify the mappings.

removing err/warn functions with our fatal err/warn is not available on some systems (unfortunately!) and in any case don't play well with our daemon mode (that closes std{in,out,err}). Use our fatal that is daemon-aware.

fix requri construction when we switched from one process to two, I introduced a small optimisation: empty string are not send, so we receive NULL. Constructing requri we need to make sure that relpath is not null.

removing O_CLOEXEC we don't fork anymore in that process, so the flag is extra.


reorganize: move bunch of functions to server.c cgi.c wasn't really needed; it better to group all the server related functions together, cgi or not. Now gmid.c contains only startup and utility code.

mention libretls