tag 0.2 * fix twstat handling of mode bits * rejects incoming connections with a ridiculously small msize * allow "jumbo" (i.e. more than 16K) Twrite and Treads * allow Tread to read exactly msize bytes * kamiftp: fix reads wrt msize * kamiftp: do maximum reads and writes

fix git link and add codeberg mirror

prepare the site for 0.2

rework & re-export Yotsuba

artwork for 0.2

declare a variable for the homepage image

- [regress] added test to write a file using a big buffer (msize).

simplify check in handle_message

report the correct write length

limit IMSG_BUF_CONT size by the maximum allowed by imsg

do optimal (i.e. maximum) reads and writes

cmd_ls: fix read size don't use a constant: msize may be lower than that. Instead, use `msize - 4' which is guaranteed to be the maximum transferreable size. (it's not possible for msize to be lower than 4 since we reject ridiculously small msizes, so that difference can't underflow.)

reject ridiculously small msizes

fflush stdout in hexdump

allow jumbo reads