tag 0.4

second part of the "unbroke flac" in 0da0ad46 i got the return value wrong, so flac are broken wrt stop/next/previous (which are all stops from the player process pov.) Reported also by Dirk-Wilhelm Peters, thanks!

point out that it'll be available via ports

bump version forgotten

unbreak flac: add back missing counter reset spotted by sdk@, thanks!

update readme

bump date

don't try to match the prev/next song; been broken since tx in load was added originally i tried to match the previous or next song in the playing queue after a load command if the current song was not matched. The idea is ok-ish, but the implementation was broken and become a no-op after some recent refactoring in that area.

mention the load matching heuristic in the manpage

pledge audio too while for my particular use-case this has always worked with only "stdio recvfd", sio_open(3) mentions that if no further sio_open calls are made all pledges can be dropped except for "audio", so let's keep it.

no point in returning int from a __dead function

simplify phrasing

remove the got_stop hack now player_playnext has enough information to decide wheter to call player_senderr or player_sendeof.

change play_*() so that they return an integer this will allow to remove the `got_stop' hack in player.c

drop now unused #include <sndio.h> with the recent refactoring, sndio is only visible in player.c