define config_path as global variable

rewrite main loop using libevent


[cgi] split the query in words if needed and add them to the argv

improve logs management

added prefork option

add the ``entrypoint'' option

added ``block return'' and ``strip'' options

reload configuration on SIGHUP

refactor executor_main now it's symmetrical to listener_main().

refactoring startup logic

revert commit 346f28eeaa205d268d1e63c7ffd86cf041f6d1e6 keep mark_nonblock in utils.c, as otherwise the build for the regress suite will fail (mark_nonblock needs fatal which is in gmid.c, and we can't link gmid.o with the regress suite...)

move mark_nonblock to utils.c

mark various functions as static By marking all those function as static, the compiler is free to do more optimizations. In addition, those functions are not used outside server.c

print the header in the directory listing