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prepare release 2.0.1

changelog for 2.0.1

convert remaining code to the imsg getters Now gmid doesn't touch anymore the internals of the imsg structs.

convert the remaining bit of crypto.c to the ibuf_* APIs

please macos for some reason that's not entirely clear to me, __dead doesn't seem to work on macos, so clang thinks datalen is used un-initialized. meh

update imsg test: gmid now requires the new API too

convert crypto.c to the new imsg API

rename ibuf to imsgbuf in crypto soon we'll be using a struct ibuf and it'll be confusing.

remove proc_forward_imsg since it's unused

convert most of gmid to the new imsg APIs Makes parsing and handling of imsgs simpler / clearer. only crypto.c is left as-is.

convert to use imsg_get_fd() since proc_forward_imsg() never forwards a file descriptor (it's never called actually) just use -1 there.

configure: fix --mandir handling

ops; pretty big omission among the breaking changes