gracefully shut down fastcgi backends we need to delete the events associated with the backends, otherwise the server process won't ever quit. Here, we add a pending counter to every backend and shut down immediately if they aren't handling any client; otherwise we try to close them as soon as possible (i.e. when they close the connection to the last connected client.)

strncpy -> strlcpy quoting strncpy(3) strncpy() only NUL terminates the destination string when the length of the source string is less than the length parameter. strlcpy is more intuitive. this is another warning gcc 8 found that clang didn't.

explicitly use c->fd instead of fd Yep, fd should be the file descriptor, but for lazyness when manually calling the function sometimes we supply 0 as fd and event. Instead of fixing the usage, do as other of such functions do in this circumstances: use c->fd.

mark backend as FCGI_READY when getting a fd otherwise clients will remain stuck waiting for a pending request that doesn't exist (see apply_fastcgi switch.)

use the correct document root pass the correct loc_off to the executor, so the various variables that depends on the matched location (like DOCUMENT_ROOT) are computed correctly.

const-ify strip_path


fastcgi: a first implementation Not production-ready yet, but it's a start. This adds a third ``backend'' for gmid: until now there it served local files or CGI scripts, now FastCGI applications too. FastCGI is meant to be an improvement over CGI: instead of exec'ing a script for every request, it allows to open a single connection to an ``application'' and send the requests/receive the responses over that socket using a simple binary protocol. At the moment gmid supports three different methods of opening a fastcgi connection: - local unix sockets, with: fastcgi "/path/to/sock" - network sockets, with: fastcgi tcp "host" [port] port defaults to 9000 and can be either a string or a number - subprocess, with: fastcgi spawn "/path/to/program" the fastcgi protocol is done over the executed program stdin of these, the last is only for testing and may be removed in the future. P.S.: the fastcgi rule is per-location of course :)

ensure %p (path) is always absolute with the recent changes, sometimes the path may not start with a '/'. This ensures that %s is ALWAYS an absolute path.

allow ``root'' rule to be specified per-location block

added ``alias'' option to define hostname aliases for a server

don't save the directory fd in c->pfd scandir_fd already calls closedir, which in turns closes the fd

sort the auto index alphabetically

rename reschedule_* to yield_*