fix remote_user for CGI and add -6 flag to enable ipv6

accept both ipv4 and ipv6

log also the port of the client

mention IRI in changelong

mention change in changelog file

logging reworked and daemonize by default The -l option was removed: now it logs on syslog if -f (foreground) is not passed.

fix bug introduced in last version regarding full URLs gemini:// was incorrectly parsed.

mention the bugfix and tag 1.3.1

handle // urls

make port number configurable

fixed changelog format for old entries

[cgi] added support for path parameters enhance the CGI scripting support so that script can take path parameters. That is, a script at /cgi/foo is called when the request path is /cgi/foo/bar/... This commit also introduce some backward incompatible changes as the default env variables set for the CGI script changed.

documentation improvements

handle CGI concurrently don’t stop-the-world-until-cgi-end, but rather poll on the script, so we can handle other requests in the meantime.

ensure the requested protocol is “gemini” …and not something else that happens to be 6-bytes long.