add gg, a barebones Gemini client

simplify glob for pem

use a c program to fill the file it's several order of magnitude faster than the equivalent shell script

brand new regress suite

add a configure script and some compat tested on openbsd, alpine and void

conf & vhosts * gmid.c (main): changed behaviour: daemon off by default (main): changed -c in -C (cert option) (main): changed -k in -K (key option, for consistency with -C) (main): added -c to load a configuration (main): certs, key and doc (-C -K and -d) doesn't have a default value anymore (handle_handshake): add vhosts support

s/uri/iri since we accept IRIs

implement a valid RFC3986 (URI) parser Up until now I used a "poor man" approach: the uri parser is barely a parser, it tries to extract the path from the request, with some minor checking, and that's all. This obviously is not RFC3986-compliant. The new RFC3986 (URI) parser should be fully compliant. It may accept some invalid URI, but shouldn't reject or mis-parse valid URI. (in particular, the rule for the path is way more relaxed in this parser than it is in the RFC text). A difference with RFC3986 is that we don't even try to parse the (optional) userinfo part of a URI: following the Gemini spec we treat it as an error. A further caveats is that %2F in the path part of the URI is indistinguishable from a literal '/': this is NOT conforming, but due to the scope and use of gmid, I don't see how treat a %2F sequence in the path (reject the URI?).

initial commit