fix date

added missic copyright notice

drop seccomp.h: not needed


allow clock_gettime and a bit of fmt alpine on amd64 (under OpenBSD vmd) tries to do a clock_gettime. I don't know why, but it doesn't seem a problem to allow it.

fix BPF

tighten the rules for fcntl allow only the F_GETFL and F_SETFL commands

explain the poll mess

__NR_poll doesn't seem to be defined on aarch64

[seccomp] allow also poll on the latest fedora we glibc uses poll. On the other linux distro I tried (void), musl is probably providing poll as a ppoll wrapper.

we don't need to check for CGI anymore

initial seccomp support

split into two processes: listener and executor this way, we can sandbox the listener with seccomp (todo) or capsicum (already done) and still have CGI scripts. When we want to exec, we tell the executor what to do, the executor executes the scripts and send the fd backt to the listener.

sandbox also on FreeBSD with capsicum