amused 0.5 * unbreak opus and ogg vorbis * handle flacs with bps != 16 and/or channels != 2 * speed up `load' a lot (especially if over NFS)

add back missing memzero

use a more readable strncmp to look for prefixes also while here stick an `else' before the second clausole. We're supposed to trim out only '> ' and ' ', but the missing else would also trim out ' ' after a '> '!

get rid of realpath during load it has a non-ignorable cost over NFS (sdk@ reported ~30 seconds to load 64k songs, and up to 5 minutes over wifi!) and don't provide us any real gain: files can still vanish after being imported or may appear later. The only advantage of realpath was that it would clean up the path from segments like "/./" and resolve the ".." components, but that's a minor issue anyway. prodded by, discussed with and tested by sdk@, thanks a lot!


tweak the readme

handle flacs with bps != 16 and/or channels != 2

reuse main_send_player instead of filling the params for imsg_compose_event.

...and unbreak ogg vorbis too... i'm seriously shocked at how bad i did the play_* refactoring. missed too many details.

unbreak opus too i am just unable to do a proper refactoring. When i changed the return type of play_opus I mixed `r' and `ret', so it would always play zero samples...

tag 0.4

second part of the "unbroke flac" in 0da0ad46 i got the return value wrong, so flac are broken wrt stop/next/previous (which are all stops from the player process pov.) Reported also by Dirk-Wilhelm Peters, thanks!

point out that it'll be available via ports

bump version forgotten

unbreak flac: add back missing counter reset spotted by sdk@, thanks!