add newline after usage

fix seccomp for the new event loop add/remove syscalls from the BPF filter and move sandbox() after libevent initialisation

improve logs management

added prefork option

add the ``entrypoint'' option

added ``block return'' and ``strip'' options

missing argument for LOGI

avoid race-condition what if we receive a SIGHUP right after unblock_signal (or during the whole block_signals...unblock_signals) but *before* the wait_sighup? Yeah.

reload configuration on SIGHUP

drop unnecessary check around close

refactor executor_main now it's symmetrical to listener_main().

refactoring startup logic

drop privileges after the fork

configless: fixing the case of the implicit "." I got bitten by the scope visibility rules. After the end of the block, the path variable is no longer valid, and in fact later load_vhosts fails to open that (because the buffer gets invalidated)

ensure absolute paths in config-less mode