fuzzying the proxy protocol too

initial support for fuzzying

contrib/vim: add ALE linter ALE is faster and otherwise better alternative to Syntastic.

extend/sync .gitignore

rename ge -> gemexp gemserv is already taken...

add titan to .gitignore

rework the configure script now it resembles less oconfigure and more the configure scripts I'm using in my recent projects. I'd argue it's more easy to use it.

ignore and clean fcgi.sock

add ge: gemini export!

update gitignore for site/

ignore .d too

import the capsule/website

rework the regression suite The tests are still there, the suite is equivalent to the old one, but this one is better structured. The biggest annoyance I had with the old one was that it wasn't straightforward to test only a specific set of tests. It's still impossible, but it's way easier to do it now. This extract all the tests to their own functions. It's overall better in all possible regards.


contrib/vim: add Syntastic integration Error and warning messages are prefixed with "error: " and "warning: " correspondingly to ease integration with automated tooling. `yywarn' function added. Off-by-one line numbers in warnings are fixed. Two error messages are reworded to avoid repeating like "error: error in server directive" or "error: syntax error".