convert remaining code to the imsg getters Now gmid doesn't touch anymore the internals of the imsg structs.

convert the remaining bit of crypto.c to the ibuf_* APIs

convert crypto.c to the new imsg API

rename ibuf to imsgbuf in crypto soon we'll be using a struct ibuf and it'll be confusing.

fix typo; the size computation is done using len, not ret

don't let crypto_dispatch_server handle IMSG_CRYPTO_ECDSA_SIGN in this codepath. otherwise we end up with a mismatch where we expect a request but were sent a response.

pre-increment reqid otherwise we send the request id N and expect to receive N+1

typo; was filling the wrong iov_len...


drop engine support

remove the useless logging methods it makes more clear where the magic is. adapted from the smtpd' ca.c diff.

macos' clang is retarded thinks rsa and ecdsa may be used un-initialized... if we enter the branch with fatalx(). sigh

drop debug log

simplify check brought to my attention by gcc who isn't smart enough to figure out that `ret' is always set.

avoid arithmetic on void pointers (GNU extension) not really sold on this one, I don't see what other interpretation could be given, but it's not standard so...