gemexp: add -v

make gemexp verbose

remove from gmid.h functions that are used only in gemexp

check and error on strlcpy truncation

change the approach for strnvis instead of making things more obscure via gmid_strnvis(), let's just check for strnvis with -Werror so we can swap the OS broken implementation with the bundled OpenBSD one.

attempt to deal with the portability fiasco of strnvis(3)

fix ge^W gemexp version string

gemexp: add -R to generate an RSA (4096) key instead of an EC one (default)

rework gencert(); make gemexp generate EC certs Taking inspiration from acme-client.

gemexp doesn't have -v; remove from getopt and usage()

tweak gemexp logs gemexp is meant for local testing so I'm not too worried about changing its log format if it makes sense to do so.

gemexp: save certs to $XDG_DATA_HOME/gemexp, not /gmid

gemexp: change the naming scheme for the certificates Using what the manpage advertised. The regress adaptations will follow. The directory will also change (and the key type too.)

use the subject' common name as the user field in log

use the condensed logging style in ge too