bump date

gg: add -q to avoid printing "Server says"

minor semplifications to some sentences

SEE ALSO for gg too

gg: exit with the gemini response code 0 is still used for 2X replies, and "external" failures (e.g. network, tls, ...) are still using exit code 1. Gemini non-2x replies now get their response code reported as-is as status code.

minor tweaks to gg(1)

gg.1: improve -d description

remove -v from gg undocumented flag to dump to stdout the request before doing it. Not useful, it's debugging leftover.

fix gg -P flag description: the `:' is in the optional part


fix and sync gg usage

reimplement gg This is a better version of gg. Initially it grew with flags directly needed to the specific test cases I wanted to write, so it's ugly to use but handy for tests. This is a new and re-thought implementation that it is (hopefully) easier to use both and "curl-like for gemini" but also for scripts and tests cases. One completely new feature is the proxying support with -P to send the request to the given host.