improve the description for -f

gmid.8: use a more on-point description

add a few Xr in SEE ALSO

remove the LOGGING section; it's covered by gmid.conf(5)

bump man date

reopen log files upon SIGUSR2

multiple -v don't make it more verbose anymore

update gmid.8 - it doesn't run anymore without a config file - a reload is enough to re-open the directories. This last point in particular was done this way to allow using capsicum(4) on FreeBSD, something that is currently impossible. I may just remove it.

revert aae8f6bf2b it's just not worth it to inflict this breaking change to the users.

change the flags to be consistent with other OpenBSD daemons -d is `debug' (run in the foreground) -f to load the configuration file adjust regress and contrib accordingly

move gmid to the eight section of the manual