remove debug log

propagate prefork value otherwise the child processes still believet the prefork value is 3 and can end up reading/writing out of bounds when setting up the sockets. Actually, server processes shouldn't create pipes to other servers, but this is left for a follow-up diff. Issue reported by la ninpre, thank you!

typo in bounds check, sigh...

check and error on strlcpy truncation

change the approach for strnvis instead of making things more obscure via gmid_strnvis(), let's just check for strnvis with -Werror so we can swap the OS broken implementation with the bundled OpenBSD one.

attempt to deal with the portability fiasco of strnvis(3)

fix config dumping (-nn) handling with the privsep rework the config dumping was unadvertitely broken, it prints the content of the key itself.

fix `log access path' with chroot We should open the log file inside the chroot; missed in 4acf495f41d2c26136e99072293ca8b9bff91dc0. See

convert remaining code to the imsg getters Now gmid doesn't touch anymore the internals of the imsg structs.

configure: add --sysconfdir / $SYSCONFDIR handling so that we don't have to hardcode /etc in gmid.c. Helps on systems like FreeBSD where the non-base programs are expected to look for their config in /usr/local/etc.

fix configtest with chroot The configtest checks try to open the root directories too, operation that can fail when they're expected to be inside a chroot.


tweak log_request() comment gg -> gemexp and better wording.

use the subject' common name as the user field in log

remove debugging leftover