document proxy-v1

prepare release 2.0.4

prepare release 2.0.4

prepare release 2.0.3

prepare release 2.0.1

revert 9f1cce3d0e53209180eabbcd48878c1e989101e7 we actually should open the log file in the chroot, the bug is in the code.

fix log access doc: path is not relative to the chroot Reported by Colin Henein, thanks! See

prepare release 2.0.1

prepare release 2.0

gmid.conf.5: finish the sentence about fastcgi strip


gmid.conf.5: mention types before servers There's no strict ordering enforced; yet that list may be used to structure a configuration and having the types after the list of server is not something I'd encourage for clarity.

send all the params as per RFC3875 (CGI) and sync documentation

implement fastcgi strip number

add `log syslog facility' to use a different syslog(3) facility Was requested ages ago by Karl Jeacle, now that there is some better support for configuring the logging there's no excuse to add this. It helps with filtering from syslog.d / syslog.conf.