add a proxy-v1 keyword to enable the proxy protocol handling

check and error on strlcpy truncation

...complete the sentence

fix previous; was causing a shift/reduce conflict

fix parser: empty lines are allowed

add a nice error message in case the `cgi' option is present was removed with gmid 2.0 but to ease the migration a friendly error message is more useful than a "syntax error".

pretty-print the socket address at configuration parsing time saves a getnameinfo(NI_NUMERICHOST) at runtime, even if it's pretty cheap.

remove dead code

turn log styles into strings from yacc point of view having styles as reserved keywords means that variables / macros can't be called `common', `condensed', etc... which is not great and not obvious either. Instead, let's keep the log styles as strings and match on them. This also allows to have a slightly better error message in case of a typo. See:

remove stray space

rework the grammar so that ; is accepted after variables and options See Codeberg issue #1.

fix missing listen on warning printed the wrong value for the hostname

plug a leak all other rules are freeing the value of `listen_addr'

fix automatic guessing of `listen on' default_host needs to be NULL for getaddrinfo(3) to listen on everything.

implement fastcgi strip number