proxy: inline the `goto retry'



don't call client_close() from fcgi/proxy bev handlers We might end up calling client_close() from start_reply(), but that will free the fcgi/proxy bufferevent while they're still used on the stack. Instead, start_reply() only sets REQUEST_DONE and exits, returning the error eventually, so callers know when to stop.


switch to the more usual log.c

rename log.[ch] to logger.[ch]

provide a more usual fatal fatal usually appends the error string. Add 'fatalx' that doesn't. Fix callers and move the prototypes to log.h

always cast is*() arguments to unsigned char

make the various strings in the config fixed-length will help in future restructuring to have fixed-size objects.

copyright years

const-ify some tables matches found with % grep -R '=[ ]*{' . | fgrep -v const

allow using a custom hostname for SNI during proxying add a `sni' option for the `proxy' block: the given name is used instead of the one extracted by the `relay-to' rule.

improve proxy error path properly release everything when during client_close if the request was managed by a proxy.

set REQUEST_PROXY only when proxy_init is successful