add compat for reallocarray

include sys/types.s to fix the build on OpenBSD

checks for compat + don't initialise HAVE_*

tests and compat for imsg

moving logging to its own process


fix various compilation errors Include gmid.h as first header in every file, as it then includes config.h (that defines _GNU_SOURCE for instance). Fix also a warning about unsigned vs signed const char pointers in openssl.

improve compat/getprogname on GNU libc but why'd they called it program_invocation_short_name? They couldn't find a longer name?

link to compat/ even in regress this unlocks the full regress tests on arch, for instance, or every OS where we don't have strl*

fix detection on non-openbsd systems

look for libevent

keep original CFLAGS

define MANDIR

add compat for setproctitle This adds a check for setproctitle and for the (linux) prctl PR_SET_NAME. If setproctitle is not available, on linux we provide an implementation that use prctl (taken from tmux compat layer.)

let LEX and YACC be customizable via args