remove dead code

fix configtest with chroot The configtest checks try to open the root directories too, operation that can fail when they're expected to be inside a chroot.

fix ge^W gemexp version string

rework gencert(); make gemexp generate EC certs Taking inspiration from acme-client.

remove not so useful starts_with() replace its only usage with strncmp(). it's likely faster too.

remove a long, long unused function

don't call client_close() from fcgi/proxy bev handlers We might end up calling client_close() from start_reply(), but that will free the fcgi/proxy bufferevent while they're still used on the stack. Instead, start_reply() only sets REQUEST_DONE and exits, returning the error eventually, so callers know when to stop.

implement fastcgi strip number

remove prototype for function killed long ago

move strip_path to utils.c

try hard at loading the configuration during conftest (-n) Attempt to do also a few more steps that were previously done only at runtime. This can help verifying that the keypairs are matching for example, but also that there are no typos in the path to the root directories. Was requested some time ago by Marian Mizik, thanks for the feature request!

add `log syslog facility' to use a different syslog(3) facility Was requested ages ago by Karl Jeacle, now that there is some better support for configuring the logging there's no excuse to add this. It helps with filtering from syslog.d / syslog.conf.

actually use the specified log style

add log syslog off; don't turn syslog off when log access is specified