add a note regarding the usage of the bundled libtls See

sync changelog

contrib/vim: fix indent

rename the @common_opt macro back to @common now common is no longer a reserved keyword

turn log styles into strings from yacc point of view having styles as reserved keywords means that variables / macros can't be called `common', `condensed', etc... which is not great and not obvious either. Instead, let's keep the log styles as strings and match on them. This also allows to have a slightly better error message in case of a typo. See:

remove stray space

tweak and update freebsd task

rework the grammar so that ; is accepted after variables and options See Codeberg issue #1.

add a test that uses @-style macros See Codeberg issue #1.

change the default PUBKEY for the verify-release target doesn't play well with minor releases such as 2.0.1 since for them I reuse the 2.0 key.

set next version

prepare release 2.0.1

changelog for 2.0.1

convert remaining code to the imsg getters Now gmid doesn't touch anymore the internals of the imsg structs.

convert the remaining bit of crypto.c to the ibuf_* APIs