bump version

automatically register the backend and ignore the .got directory

move the copyright to the FSF All the contributors (me, Timo and Philip) have done the paperwork, and I'd like for vc-got to be included in ELPA.

fix find-revision I don't know why I bothered with `got tree' to get the object id and stuff. `got cat' accepts filenames and does the trick. While there, also drop vc-got--tree-parse and vc-got--tree as they're now unused.

cleanup Diff from Philip Kaludercic (philipk [AT] posteo net) with minor tweaks by me, thanks a lot!

push doesn't use git anymore

improve tag creation buffer initialize the log-edit buffer with `Summary: tag <version>'

install a custom process filter for `got send' `got send' uses \r to "update" the outputted text; it's nice and why don't support it? Without this, Emacs wait for a \n and output a long line with various ^M inside; it's ugly. While there, there's no need to call (vc-compilation-mode 'git), so replace it with 'got.

mention version requirement for got send

switch to `got send' for pushing

remove debug macroexpand

missing require and split setq-locals * add the needed requires, now it byte-compiles fine with emacs-27.2 (emacs-28 was always fine) * setq-local didn't support multiple values until not so logn ago IIRC


add Timo as author

don't include the common commit in log-outgoing log-outgoing used to include also the latest commit in REMOTE-LOCATION, and it's misleading (i.e. vc-log-outgoing on a sync'd repository would still list a commit). This fixes it by calling next-revision on the remote-location, which is nil when we're in sync with upstream.