gotwebd: use the last matching fastcgi parameter in case of multiple parameters with the same name, use the last matching one.

fix confusing error message from 'got commit' upon uncommitable paths

got{web,}d: handle multiple -v only fatal*() and log_warn*() are now logged by default. log_info() is hidden behind a -v and log_debug behind -vv. Makes gotd and gotwebd way less chatty. ok stsp@

gotwebd: use less temp files Instead of allocating a whole set of temp fd per `listen' directive, just use a global set per "sockets" process. This is fine since gotwebd doesn't keep multiple connections open at the same time, once it enters gotwebd_process_request() it won't exit until all the page has been processed. (this because we don't have async APIs for got operations.) ok stsp@

remove a redundant bounds check which gets elided by clang found by + ok op@

remove http client support from TODO list

fix missing error return in read_packed_object() on size_t overflow

gotwebd: allow to change the user ok stsp@

got{,web}d: unify log.c gotd and gotwebd are using almost the same log.c file, so unify. This only slightly changes gotwebd logs to include the process name, like gotd. ok stsp@

gotwebd: mention the listening socket path under FILES ok stsp@

gotwebd: remove unix_socket_name Now that `listen' is a top-level, `unix_socket_name' is useless. The default socket remains /var/www/run/gotweb.sock, to listen on an alternate socket now `listen on socket "/some/other/sock" can be used. part of a larger diff that's ok stsp@

gotwebd: make `listen' a top-level statement gotwebd only uses the server name (i.e. the Host HTTP header) to match the server blocks. Since gotwebd by design sits behind an http server which is expected to filter virtual hosts, there's little point in having `listen' per-server. part of a larger diff that's ok stsp@

adjust gotwebd.conf(5) after recent change it's no longer required for the host:port tuple to be used only by one server.

gotwebd: simplify handling of unix sockets - don't assume an implicit "listen on socket" when another listen was specified in a server block - allow servers to share the sockets they're listening on - fix unix_socket_name; now it's actually used - remove `listen on socket off' and `unix_socket off' options that are now no longer useful - unify the internal handling of the sockets, i.e. don't consider unix socket special. ok tracey@

gotwebd: plug leak in get_addrs() error path h is free'd by add_addr in case of error, but we still leak the getaddrinfo result. while here make the check strictier: addr_addr() fails with -1.