switch to Bjoern Hoehrmann UTF-8 decoder It's correct, while my hacked valid_multibyte_utf8 would allow things that aren't technically UTF8.

reject %00

IRI support This extends the URI parser so it supports full IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifiers, RFC3987). Some areas of it can/may be improved, but here's a start. Note: we assume UTF-8 encoded IRI.

mention the %2F caveat

improve wording "concurrently" means at the same time, which can be confusing when we say that it's single-threaded on a single process.

logging reworked and daemonize by default The -l option was removed: now it logs on syslog if -f (foreground) is not passed.

clients certs support for CGI internally, gmid doesn’t care if the client issued a certificate, but now we pass that information to the CGI script in some new environment variables.

make port number configurable

[cgi] added support for path parameters enhance the CGI scripting support so that script can take path parameters. That is, a script at /cgi/foo is called when the request path is /cgi/foo/bar/... This commit also introduce some backward incompatible changes as the default env variables set for the CGI script changed.

documentation improvements

implementing CGI – NOT READY YET! This is a first try at implementing CGI scripting. The idea is that, if CGI is explicitly enabled by the user, when a user requires an executable file instead of serving it to the client, that file will be executed and its output fed to the client. There are various pieces that are still lacking, the firsts that comes to mind are: - performance: the handle_cgi just loops ignoring the WANT_POLLIN/POLLOUT and blocking if the child process hasn’t outputted anything. - we don’t parse query variable (yet) - we need to set more variables in the child environment side question: it’s better to set the variables using setenv() or by providing an explicit environment? - document what environment the CGI script will get - improve the horrible unveil/pledge(cgi ? …) but now I can serve “hello-world”-tier script from gmid!

added option to log to a file

doc: point out that we can handle multiple clients concurrently

minor documentation edits

fix errors in manpage man -Tlint -l gmid.1 helped a lot