macro reordering and while there replace SAFE_SETENV with an inline function. LOG is more difficult to transform into an inline function, given the string concatenations it does. The other LOG* and FATAL macros are fine as they already are.

switch to Bjoern Hoehrmann UTF-8 decoder It's correct, while my hacked valid_multibyte_utf8 would allow things that aren't technically UTF8.

rename cgi_setpoll_on_* to cgi_poll_on_*

fixing prototype order

ignore also SIGHUP SIGHUP is sent when the tty is detached and by default kills the process. When we run in the background we don't care anymore about the tty, so it should be safe for us to ignore SIGHUP. (frankly, I expected daemon(3) to do stuff like this for us).


implement a valid RFC3986 (URI) parser Up until now I used a "poor man" approach: the uri parser is barely a parser, it tries to extract the path from the request, with some minor checking, and that's all. This obviously is not RFC3986-compliant. The new RFC3986 (URI) parser should be fully compliant. It may accept some invalid URI, but shouldn't reject or mis-parse valid URI. (in particular, the rule for the path is way more relaxed in this parser than it is in the RFC text). A difference with RFC3986 is that we don't even try to parse the (optional) userinfo part of a URI: following the Gemini spec we treat it as an error. A further caveats is that %2F in the path part of the URI is indistinguishable from a literal '/': this is NOT conforming, but due to the scope and use of gmid, I don't see how treat a %2F sequence in the path (reject the URI?).

added missing copyright stuff

moving declarations to header file