update depends

adjust install/uninstall target gmid.1 was moved as gmid.8 and now we have `ge' too

add ge: gemini export!

get rid of the CGI support I really want to get rid of the `executor' process hack for CGI scripts and its escalation to allow fastcgi and proxying to work on non-OpenBSD. This drops the CGI support and the `executor' process entirely and is the first step towards gmid 2.0. It also allows to have more secure defaults. On non-OpenBSD systems this means that the sandbox will be deactivated as soon as fastcgi or proxying are used: you can't open sockets under FreeBSD' capsicum(4) and I don't want to go thru the pain of making it work under linux' seccomp/landlock. Patches are always welcome however. For folks using CGI scripts (hey, I'm one of you!) not all hope is lost: fcgiwrap or OpenBSD' slowcgi(8) are ways to run CGI scripts as they were FastCGI applications. fixes for the documentation and to the non-OpenBSD sandboxes will follow.

include contrib/ in dist

add missing manpage for gg


include Makefile.depend too

refactor the makefile / configure steal more (good) stuff from mandoc-portable :)

the install target ought to depend on gg too

install gmid.conf.5 too

fix `make static': compile `gg' too!

add target `test' alias for `regress'

add gg to `make regress` dependencies

install gg too