add some missing libraries to DPADD and fix up some outdated deps

gotctl no longer needs to link to libz and libm

remove dependency of gitwrapper, gotctl, and gotsh on object_parse.c Move some functions from object_parse.c into hash.c. These functions either require hash.c code anyway or contain object ID implementation internals. Add a new file object_qid.c, for got_object_id_queue and got_object_qid. This new file must be linked to virtually every program.

rename lib/sha1.c to lib/hash.c It will soon grow functions to deal with sha256 too. stsp@ agrees.

fix gotd build Add missing srcs and update got_repo_read_gitconfig() to be consistent with recent changes. ok stsp@

add gotctl(8); initially supported commands are 'info' and 'stop' This will be used by an upcoming regress test suite for gotd(8). ok tracey