Rename got-http helper to got-fetch-http to match naming scheme. We aren't planning to support sending anyway. ok stsp@

Add initial read-only http fetch support using a got-http helper. Currently we only support the smart protocol with a limited feature set. ok stsp@ tobhe@

add `got patch' command for applying unified diffs

add 'got send' command for sending changes to remote repositories Known to work against git-daemon and github Git server implementations. Tests by abieber, naddy, jrick, and myself. Man page additions reviewed by Lucas.

add got.conf(5) configuration file ok tracey

Add initial support for network protocol. Ported from git9 by Ori Bernstein.

obtain repo format version and commit author name/email from .git/config

add got-read-tag libexec helper

start reading pack files with privsep; still WIP

add a Makefile hierarchy which builds the whole show