i can't count

fix documentation of got's reserved reference namespace

subordinate clauses preceding the main clause are offset by a comma

mention 'gotadmin cleanup' wherever Git's garbage collector is mentioned

add missing comma in SEE ALSO section of git-repository(5)

Xr gotadmin(1)

add per-worktree got.conf(5) file in the .got directory; ok millert

fix another typo in git-repository.5

spelling fix in git-repository.5

trim some redundant wording in git-repository(5)

document tag objects

man page spelling fixes from Hiltjo Posthuma

man page improvements - new sentence, new line - add blanks before trailing delimiters - void leaving whitespace at end of line, even significant space - use .Ox macro for OpenBSD - fix paragraph lint warnings - escape ~ and ^, which are special characters in troff

clarify git's object garbage collection criteria a bit

avoid cross-references to git-gc(1)