util/ add missing make server-install ron gotd regress suite too with -G Needs doas to elevate privileges. ok stsp@ build gotd too; ok stsp@ add another round of testing with ref-deltas ok stsp use -eq/-ne instead of ==/!= for numbers

util/ simplify lockfile cleanup trap on EXIT too so the lockfile is deleted on quit (both successful and not.) While here simplify a cd too. ok stsp@

util/ switch from getopt(1) to getopts ok stsp@

farewell, gotweb. you served us well. rm gotweb, ok stsp@

sort getopt() option lists and switch statements; patch by Josiah Frentsos

remove trailing whitespace; patch by Josiah Frentsos

Group options in accordance with style(9) patch by Josiah Frentsos

make run tests a second time with GOT_TEST_PACK=1 add -R option to usage message support running tests with a non-default test root dir

update defalt branch name in