show hint about update -b if the user attempts to rebase a branch onto itself Specifically, when 'gut send' suggests 'fetch and rebase required', new users might try to use 'got fetch' directly followed by 'got rebase' without first updating the work tree to newly fetched commits. Got would then say "main is already based on main" without any hint for a way out. Hopefully, pointing users at the update -b command will make them search the manual for details.

add default case to the switch statement in choose_patch() Just in case the code futher up gets tweaked again such that the validity check using strchr() will be skipped in some edge case. Lucas agrees

make got stage -p behave the same way in interactive and -F modes for 'q' Lucas agrees

got: refactor choose_patch Unify the handling of a response file and interactive use, handle EOF, fix a memleak and make it easier to extend in the future. In particular, interactive mode now doesn't loop forever on EOF. Patch by Lucas Gabriel Vuotto. Joint work with op.

backout got stage -R option addition The stage command is usually used in a recursive manner, like 'got commit'. Forcing users to specify -R all the time is deemed too inconvenient in practice. discussed on IRC with Lorenz (xha), Omar, and Lucas

replace date, strftime %G-%m-%d with %F Use the more predictable %F, aka %Y-%m-%d, instead of %G-%m-%d. %G follows the definition of ISO-8601 week-based year, which is weird. In particular, 2024 is one of such years with weird behaviour: $ date -jf %Y-%m-%d +"%F %G-%m-%d" 2024-12-30 2024-12-30 2025-12-30 Diff from Lucas Gabriel Vuotto (thanks!); stsp agrees

rename a function to avoid gramatical ambiguity

require -R option for staging or unstaging directory contents -R is needed on almost all other commands so this makes things consistent. Patch by Lorenz (xha)

Add initial read-only http fetch support using a got-http helper. Currently we only support the smart protocol with a limited feature set. ok stsp@ tobhe@

get rid of unnecessary "dns inet" pledge promises while fetching via git://

make 'got status' display interrupted rebase, histedit, and merge operations When an operation is interrupted add a trailing message to status output which displays the operation and branches involved. This information will be useful when diagnosing problem reports and it helps new users with contextualizing multi-operation work tree state. ok op@

forgot to unveil the log message file passed to got commit -F found by op's regress builder

fold some long lines

call unveil earlier in 'got tag' We now know that unveil(2) will never traverse exec. No need to wait with unveil until the editor has been run. ok op@

call unveil earlier in 'got histedit' We now know that unveil(2) will never traverse exec. No need to wait with unveil until the editor has been run. ok op@