added prefork option

add the ``entrypoint'' option

added ``block return'' and ``strip'' options

improve configuration parsing error

drop the daemon config in favour of the -f flag Now it daemonize by default when running with a config, unless the -f flag is given.

chroot & drop privileges

added support for location blocks

added support for location blocks

added index option

add "lang" server option

add "mime" and "default type" option for the configuration

add protocols to the config

conf & vhosts * gmid.c (main): changed behaviour: daemon off by default (main): changed -c in -C (cert option) (main): changed -k in -K (key option, for consistency with -C) (main): added -c to load a configuration (main): certs, key and doc (-C -K and -d) doesn't have a default value anymore (handle_handshake): add vhosts support