add `require client ca' for proxy blocks refactor the code that calls validate_against_ca into an helper function to reuse it in both apply_require_ca and (optionally) in apply_reverse_proxy.

ignore .d too

work around freebsd' printf printf: Illegal option -i this is why we can't have nice things, isn't it?

track file dependency using -MMD if available While here, move the SRCS variable to the configure and add the -includes in Makefile.local; it de-clutters the Makefile a bit.

add `gg' to the list of things to clean

remove TAGS and compile_flags.txt from the list of default actions

add set_proxy to simplify testing + more checks in test_proxy_with_certs

set prefork to 1 during regress

don't print `config OK'

sync changelog

oops, wrong email address

sync manpage

proxy: allow multiple proxy blocks, matching options and validations as a side effect the order of the content of a server block is relaxed: options, location or proxy blocks can be put in any order.

bump copyright year :)

fix regress when TESTS is more than one word