CHANGES for 0.10

change default 'status' format to "status,time:oneline,mode:oneline"

amused.1: fix the formats, now it's 'mode' not 'repeat'

show repeat one after all

amused.1: clarify consume and repeat description

list amused-monitor dependencies

add backspace/C-h to rewind the song

don't lie: not all compats (e.g. imsg) are provided by libbsd

configure: mention CC and CFLAGS in the help message

add a paragraph about libbsd

fix mp3 length detection without a call to mpg123_scan the length returned by mpg123_length is not necessarly accurate (well, even in that case it's not guaranteed to be exact, i.e. if a file is modified while it's playing.) fixes the length reporting on some mp3 files i had around.

print the current modes after 'amused consume/repeat'

typo in print_status: now it's mode, not repeat

fix 'amused load' with empty playlist it didn't send the IMSG_CTL_COMMIT final message so it would get stuck. This also makes 'amused flush' redundant since it's possible to 'amused load </dev/null'.

delete .d files produced by the tests