bump version

add back missing fs.h

fix pagebundler compilation for out-of-tree builds

fix prototype

mention that we're expecting an UTF-8 environment.

use download_cols to wrap the text in the download buffer download_lines is a very small value, for a normally sized terminal is exactly 5. This was the cause behind the download pane glitch, 5 was used as *column number* for the reflow. Now, to be honest, the exact width passed to wrap_page is not important. wrap_page will only wrap the size string, which we know is less than or equal to FMT_SCALED_STRSIZE-1 (6). We could also hardcode the value eventually, but using download_cols reads better.


adjust some comments text

add comment on why don't landlock the net process

sync changelog

provide HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS variables to simplify cross-compilation pagebundler is a helper that needs to be built with the *host* compiler because it's used to generate some sources. In normal situations, HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS are just ${CC} and ${CFLAGS}, but folks that cross-compile can specify there the host compiler and flags to successfully build telescope. The idea is largely based on what gforth does: it re-uses ${CFLAGS} for the host compiler though, while I'm adding an extra variable for that.

[xdg] move pages path under $XDG_DATA_HOME instead of CONFIG_HOME OK andrea

sync changelog

fix crash at strlcpy on macos

sync changelog