minor tweaks * don't need to export optarg/optind * use an easier to read cast for indirect array access

goto s/invc/err/

add years in LICENSE

+license blurb

factor out xinerama code in its own function

knf bomb + whitespaces + fold long lines

fix the strndup fix

tweak strndup

capitalize macros; drop "unknown" default for version

rework the build system and bump version let's use OpenBSD' and

use strcasestr(3) unconditionally

use strtonum instead of messing around with strtol

make xinerama and xft mandatory

check pledge return value

rewrite readlines use getline instead of rolling a custom version; swap the argument and return type to avoid being a "three star" programmer. Then, gargabe collect the now unused read_stdin, STDIN_CHUNKS and LINES_CHUNK.