tag 0.8 "Le Scarpe Volanti"

no aarch64 binaries this time

[html] changes for 0.8


mention the codeberg mirror

changes for 0.8 and drop every mention of GPG...

disable landlock it's currently unused (the net process unfortunately can't sensibly make use of it: breaks the DNS...) In the future I'd like to move the parsers in their own (sandboxed) process, so don't delete the landlock code yet.


add a simple test for the text/gemini parser too

fix parser test after parser_serialize changes

fix possible NULL deref on gophermap' serialize_link it's just a typo: instead of looking for the end of the string pointed by path, if look for the end of uri. reached that point, path is NULL. reported by a gcc 11 warning: "argument 1 null where non-null expected"

add the prototype for scan_scaled too in 0677399e i've re-added scan_scaled even if unused to reduce the diff with /usr/src. This causes a warning on platform that lacks that functions (everything not OpenBSD) because its prototype is missing.

don't include linux/prctl.h can conflict with sys/prctl.h, spotted while trying to build on alpine linux.

don't allow the history to grow too much + save_session refactoring add a mechanism that will signal a regeneration of the history file once it reaches the 150% of the HISTORY_CAP. while here refactor save_session, now it's somewhat readable.

update ignore pattern for built-in pages "templates"